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Natalie Wood was born Natasha Nikolaevna Zacharenko on July 20, 1938 in San Francisco, California. A studio executive named her after his friend Sam Wood, a film director.“I didn’t mind Natalie,” she later recalled, “but I hated ‘Wood.’ It didn’t suggest a nice image to me.”At 5’3”, she was self-conscious about her diminutive height and preferred shoes with 6” stiletto heels.As far as publicity goes, Wood received coverage for more than her acting roles.

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The actress later denied that the romance was the cause of her marital problems.News of this new relationship came just two days after Kardashian posted a loving tribute to the mother of his only child on Instagram, this according to People Magazine. On June 5, TMZ reported that the relationship rumors were just a set up. Mehgan’s at 806k Instagram followers — doubling in a week — so sadly, mission accomplished,” TMZ reports.It appears as though Kardashian has since deleted the photo. In a subsequent post, Kardashian shared a throwback of Chyna and captioned it, “Awww look at my little Angela at 14!!!!!! Here is what you need to know: “Our sources say Mehgan’s “team” contacted a bunch of media outlets planting the story. Kardashian and Chyna had a very up and down relationship from the start.Last year, CLW found breaches of working hours, wage and contract laws at a factory in Guangdong that was producing Disney gifts after a 17-year-old worker, Liu Pan, was crushed to death in machinery.

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CLW claimed the factory was hiring workers as young as 13.She also favored low-cut dresses, heavy make-up, and flashy jewelry.