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Map out the shops that sell formal attire and target those shops to save you time.

Once you have picked the perfect dress you can then buy shoes and accessories to match.

Featuring a striped embellished plunging bodice and a black thigh split maxi skirt, this dress is simultaneously sexy and sophisticated and makes for a low key chic take on red carpet dressing.

Thai Nguyen Atelier specialises in made-to-measure designs so if you're interested in this dress follow the link on the right to find out more!

After all the hard work and study, there’s no better way to celebrate the end of exams and, for Year 12 students the end of school, than with a formal where you and your classmates get to dress up and have a night of fun.

On such a special night, everyone wants to look and feel their best, so finding the perfect outfit, accessories and hairstyle is so important.

Convoluted evidence and anonymous handwritten letters throw them off the scent, but the killer is right under their noses.

Brandon Lyons, left, has been charged with the capital murder of Glenser Soliman, who was lured to his death after using a gay hook-up app.Alternatively pick up one of the off-the-peg pieces from our edit of similar styles in the carousel below, with options from Zibi, ASOS, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing!The Scorpion starlet continued the minimalist look with black barely-there strappy sandals, accessorizing simply with white gold diamond drop earrings and two bangles.There is almost no evidence, and the case runs cold.

Until detectives catch wind of a letter revealing the shocking truth.You may also like to consider getting a spray tan and a manicure / pedicure.