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Persians wouldn’t be caught dead in that,” Reza says things about race no Iranian has ever said before — on TV, that is. Recent efforts among these groups to gain federal recognition as “Middle Eastern” are reflective of internal and external cultural shifts.

The paradox is that Iranians and other Middle Easterners have been (often happily) categorized as “white” in the U. For example, in my survey of 500 freshmen in my Introduction to Sociology course at the University of California, Santa Barbara, over 75 percent of the students perceived “Middle Eastern” to be its own racial category.

While she doesn't support military intervention in Iran, she did campaign for the closure of Iran's Ottawa embassy.

"Why should we be giving an embassy for those who imprison, torture, and execute innocent people?

Part of my work consisted of helping a local doctor perform research for a study on HIV among gay and bisexual men in Shiraz.

In 2001, four years before I myself fled Iran, I began covert efforts toward advancing queer civil rights in Shiraz.

An Armenian family-run business spanning four generations, Turco Persian continues to provide and redefine unique, honest and premium service.The prime minister's office has supplied names and biographical information for people present at this meeting and pictured in the photo shared on Twitter (from left to right): The prime minister's office says that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird also attended the meeting, although he was not in this photo.Afshin-Jam Mac Kay has a long history of activism against the Iranian regime, dating back to before her marriage to Mac Kay.And from the Midwest to New England, curious members of hiring committees wanted to know: Does the show, which follows six Iranians in their 30s living in Los Angeles, accurately reveal what Iranian-Americans are like?

As a sociologist, I’m trained to identify the conglomerate firms, consumer markets and constellation of forces that produce entertainment-driven TV.Because traditionally women have woven the carpets, this is one art form that is rarely appreciated as being the work of a known or a specific artist.