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CEN radiochronology laboratory also offers Pb-210 dating.It is possible to count the following radionuclides: Pb-210, Cs-137, Am-241, Cd-109, Co- 57 as well as Ra-226 (which is the average of Pb-214 and Bi-214) in sediments using the HPGe method (High-Purity Germanium detector). These steps (drying of the sample, crushing and homogenization) can be done by the customer, or by our people at the laboratory, which will make for a slightly higher price per sample.Malgré la tempête hivernale, nous avons rencontré plusieurs candidats intéressants.

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We are using the AMS method (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry). C-H-N analyses are also available now (possibility to get the percentages of C (Carbon), H (Hydrogen) and N (Nitrogen) for dry samples.