Updating tomtom xl with lane guidance

02-Dec-2017 01:58

updating tomtom xl with lane guidance-34

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Premium features The original Tom Tom Start only offered simple navigation and map browsing, while the rest of the range enjoyed advanced features like spoken place names, lane guidance, media handling, support for Bluetooth devices and text-to-speech support.The Tom Tom GO range enjoys full 'LIVE' subscription-based services, such as traffic updates while you're driving and fuel price information, and voice control technology.Wherever you are in the world, sat navs can get you from A-to-B quickly and efficiently.Whether you’re driving at home or abroad, for work or for pleasure, there’s a sat nav deal to take the stress out of driving.Compact, lightweight and portable, these devices can easily be moved from one car to another.They can direct you along the quickest route to your destination – simply enter the postcode or place name, or browse by POI (Points of Interest).Detours to avoid traffic are clearly marked, and a detailed 3D display shows the lanes to take through complicated junctions.A clear and comprehensive menu helps you find points of interest – such as restaurants along the route.

Tom Tom also sells the Start2 system with European maps for £139.99.

It uses digital radio signals to update the traffic situation, and was effective at highlighting some obvious jams during our testing, even if our experience is that Garmin devices aren’t quite as good at Tom Tom’s at highlighting congestion hotspots, nor as accurate at highlighting speed cameras.

The routes chosen by the Drive Smart 50 were logical and fast, with accurate estimates of arrival time.

Our range of Tom Tom sat nav deals includes models in several different sizes between 4.3 and 6 inches.

You can also select from an array of map options – from UK only to European-wide - giving you the chance to customise your Tom Tom sat nav to suit your requirements.A big part of Tom Tom’s success has been the brilliant usability of its sat nav devices.

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